NMSC Offers International Exposure Through OJT

NMSC joins overseas program with the cooperation of the First Place, Incorporated (FPI) which will cater a qualified students to avail the following programs:

  • a. Work & Travel
  • b. Internship & Career Training


What is the program all about?

Work and Travel is a cultural program of the US government that allows current full-time university students of any course to enter their country to experience working from a private company during their academic break. The students must be 18-25 years old, physically fit and earned good grades from their subjects. The students will choose the work they wanted to have neither the parents nor the teachers/school.


What do students get from joining?

Students who are willing to join the program will get the opportunity to temporarily live and work in the US for a couple of months. Their working experience will serves as their On-The-Job-Training in which they could integrate their academic and intercultural development. Also, they will be able to meet and be acquainted to different participants from different countries. What is more exciting in joining the program is that, students may able to enhance and harness their knowledge and skills in their field of specialization, and right after three months of working, students are granted to travel anywhere in US before coming home in the Philippines.

 Who are involved in this program?

The primary persons involved are the students who are willing to join the program, the teachers of the said University or School, the School itself where the students enrolled, the US government and the Host Company wherein the place they worked.

What do students expect from living and working in US?

Students who are interested in joining the program will have the chances to work in hotels, resorts and business establishments, depending on their field of specialization. The work also depends on the season; from March to June, the season rapidly changed that will affect their nature of work. Therefore, students should register and apply immediately before the first week of March to avail jobs that are suited in their expertise.

Salary involvement

Students can get a salary depending on the nature of their job. Some can get a rate of $7 to $12 per hour and consume 25 hours per week. If a student will strive harder, they will get a higher rate than the usual salary rate, wherein they can render overtime which consumes 40 hours per week.

Housing arrangements

There are different types of lodgings which the students can choose.

  • Shared apartments – students are free to have their companies during their lodging. It will provide 3-5 persons good for $250 per month.
  • Dormitory – this is more likely a bed space type with the rate of $75 per week.
  • Trailer Housing – this is more suitable and affordable to all. It is a house type where you can invite all your fellow Filipino workers.
  • Extended Hotels/Motels – this type of lodging is not applicable and should not be suggested to students.

Application Process and Fees

If the students have already decided to apply and join the program, he/she will immediately settle the non-refundable, non-transferrable profiling fee of Php 5750.00 and deposit it at any designated banks, like Banco De Oro, Metrobank and Philippines Vetrans Bank. The amount will cover all the requirements which include the application kit and others. Log-on to http://www.firstplaceinc.org/page/apply and accomplish the online application form for your student portal access. Next thing to do is to pay another amount worth 500 US Dollar before the end of September 30. This will cover up the payment during the interview of the applicant (students) to Davao or in Cebu. Another amount is worth 995 US Dollar, which covers the payment of Permits and Accident Insurance. From December to January, an applicant must pay another 60 US Dollar for the VISA application fee to be released in Manila. In case the applicant fails to the first interview, he/she is given another two (2) chances to be interviewed to really get hired. Students who will be given the opportunity to travel will provide their own pocket money.      


There are rules to follow with regards to the accommodation in US. Students are strictly NOT allowed to stay with their relatives living in US. This is to ensure that students will be able to cope up with independency. Another thing to bear in mind, students is not allowed to stay in US and will no longer go back to the Philippines after the end of the contract. This is to secure the integrity of the program and save the young men and women for the future applicants. However, students can go back to the US whenever their employer will call them for another job opportunity.

For more inquiries about the program, you may visit the Cebu office at Zeraus Building, Gorordo Avenue, Camputhaw, Cebu City or call the numbers (032) 520-3099. Also, you can contact Mr. Kenneth Pia in his mobile number 0916-621-9334 or email at Kenneth.pia@firstplaceinc.org or the official website www.firstplaceinc.org. For the payments, you can pay on the following bank accounts:


Banco De Oro (BDO)



Account name:  Frontrunners in Research, Systems, Training and Placement Inc.


Account Numbers:      (Peso)              001070160901


                                  (Dollar)             101070157463


Metrobank (MBTC)



Account name: Frontrunners in Research, Systems, Training and Placement Inc.
Account Numbers:      (Peso)              3-186-17941-3


                                   (Dollar)            2-186-00928-7


Philippine Veterans Bank (PVB)



Account name: Frontrunners in Research, Systems, Training and Placement Inc.


Account Numbers:      (Peso)              03701-000506-1


                                   (Dollar)             0037-000389-100


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